Jurassic World - Pteranodon

Ian joyner pter ij 001

Head study for Pteranodon.

Ian joyner pter ij 002

Full body, landed.

Ian joyner pter ij 003

random head studies

Ian joyner marketing ij color 001 white

Marketing image for film, used on various items.

Ian joyner pter ij 004

A few color options.

Designs for the 2015 Jurassic world film. I am a life long fan of Dinosaurs, Stan Winston and of course Jurassic Park, so to be a small part of the film and work alongside the people who brought those original dinos to life was a dream come true. This is one of the last shows that I did all of my renders in zbrush before I jumped onto the keyshot bandwagon, I still miss that process sometimes.