Venom Fan Art - *Ongoing Updates*

Ian joyner as venomr2 ij 001

Few more hours in! having fun on the face details.

Ian joyner as venomr2 ij 002

Few more hours in... blocking in his body and design language

Ian joyner venomwip 003

First round in zbrush/photoshop

Ian joyner venomwipsketch 001

Procreate Ipad Sketch

I am doing a little fan art for Venom, I want to take this through the same process I would take a character for film, showing some of the process along the way. Often because of NDA I can not show work, or show ALL of the steps to get to a final design, so I thought this would both scratch the itch I had to make a little Venom fan art and let me show a little extra in terms of the development of a creature/character using 2d and 3d techniques. Not a tutorial but just something for fun! More to come soon.