Justice League - The Flash

Ian joyner jl flash ij close

Close up of Mask Fitting and material breakdown/labeling/detail pass

Ian joyner jl flash ij front fin

Hero Pose Front

Ian joyner jl flash ij back fin

Back View

Ian joyner jl flash ij wip back


Ian joyner jl flash ij wip front

Version front

I was brought in to do some design/refinement work for the costumes in Justice League. I worked very closely with Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson who provides very detailed sketches to the team to bring his vision of The Flash to life. The amazing Jerad Marantz and Constantine Sekeris had already worked with Michael to establish the overall look and primary design language of the costume and I helped to bring it all together under Michael. It was a really fantastic team and a joy to work on such iconic characters.