Bright - Fairy Design - Final pass

Ian joyner fairy fin 004

Final Pass

Ian joyner progress

Renders used for final comp

Ian joyner sktches

Quick Rough sketches

Ian joyner clinical

Ortho for VFX/Practical

Fairy design for Bright on Netflix! Once again I got to work with the awesome Andrew Menzies to help bring some of the strange creatures of bright to life. I have always loved seeing fairies depicted as creepy little creatures so developing these guys was a dream job! This was my final design pass before it went on to VFX. Also included a bit of the progress that went into it, I often do tiny thumbnail sketches before I begin resolving in zbrush. The sculpt was resolved very quickly in zbrush and a few passes rendered in keyshot and painted over heavily in photoshop. I was also asked to do a quick ortho to show the feather/skin ratio for VFX and the practical teams